• Magnetische Lokalisierung von Sentinellymphknoten
    Magnetische Lokalisierung von Sentinellymphknoten

Sentimag - Magnetic sentinel lymph node localisation

Most treatments for early breast cancer involve ‘sentinel lymph node biopsy’, or SLNB. This method, which identifies the lymph nodes with the highest potential for harbouring metastases, lets clinicians determine the stage of the cancer and make informed decisions for post-operative care.

Standard SLNB uses radioisotopes. Instead, we offer an effective clinical solution that uses safe magnetic fields to power our diagnostics. This eliminates the concerns related to the safety, workflow and availability associated with ionising radiation. Our system consists of the Sentimag® probe and the Sienna+® magnetic tracer. The tracer is injected into the interstitial tissue to provide a traceable signal. Using the Sentimag® probe, surgeons then locate the sentinel lymph nodes – vital for determining how far the cancer has spread.

Surgeons retain full control, can improve their workflow and provide better patient comfort as they can inject Sienna+® and locate the lymph node without the need for nuclear medicine or special licensing. The Sentimag® and Sienna+® system is an effective and valuable alternative that can be offered in the widest range of hospitals and clinics.


A new state-of-the-art approach

• Best practice SLNB can be performed anywhere, by any trained practitioner
• Issues with radioactive materials are eliminated, but with equivalent clinical outcomes
• Surgeon alone is in full control of the SLNB procedure
• Ultrasensitive detection and intuitive localisation of sentinel lymph nodes
• Sienna+® tracer is safe and has a long shelf life
• Sentimag® and Sienna+® are a CE-approved system for SLN localisation

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Magnetisches SLNB Verfahren

Lösung für die Analyse von Lymphknotenmetastasen

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