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Isolator Containment and Housing

Rigid isolators for the containment of animals, microorganisms and products, and for the protection of personnel during handling operations in the context of applications in laboratory animal facilities (containment classes A2/L2 to A4/L4).
Personalization and custom-configuration, in particular in accordance with the applications, handling operations, type of animals, cage sizes, operation protocols, requirements inherent in the relevant activity sector and installation requirements.

  • Customized configurations, dimensions and material (e.g. stainless steel, PMMA). Please ask us for more information.
  • Interior fittings depending on the number and size of cages. Please ask us for more information.
  • Configuration in sectors.
  • Frame with adjustable height of work surface
  • Positive or negative pressure ventilation – HEPA or ULPA filtration
  • RTP (Rapid Transfer Port) secure transfer systems (transfer of equipment, animals, microorganisms, and solid and liquid waste)
  • Integration of insertion points for external connections
  • Compliant with standards ISO 10648-2 / ISO 14644-1
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